(Yesler Terrace Project 7.3)

Project Details

Developer: Seattle Housing Authority

Architect: Ankrom Moisan Architecture
SF: 108,921 sq ft
Units: 110 affordable homes 

Expected Completion: Winter 2021
Location: Seattle, WA

Energy Performance Target: 18.9 kBTU/sf/yr

Seattle Housing Authority's Sawara (Yesler Terrace Project 7.3) is one of four initial pilot projects in Housing Development Consortium’s Exemplary Buildings Program. The Exemplary Buildings pilot is a regional collaborative effort working to create healthy, safe housing that is both affordable and ultra-efficient - while maximizing housing units produced. Project teams achieve this goal through the use of performance standards and building practices that reduce the overall premium (the additional costs of implementing ultra-efficiency) to the point where the premium can be financed through the operational savings generated by ultra-efficiency.

More information on the Exemplary Buildings Program can be found here.